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Personal Transformation

If it’s to be it starts with me.  Let this be your cry as you engage with the oppositions of life. To many times I hear people playing the blame game and honestly some people are like the Michael Jordan’s and Michael Phelps of this game because when it comes to shifting responsibility for where […]

Position Yourself To Win

Position is key! When I was in wrestling in high school I remember how important it was in the second period when we started from the floor in the referee’s position to have the top offensive position. Even though you need to be able to maneuver either the top for me was a huge advantage […]

Find Your Calling

Everyone has a unique calling! We all have been designed for a specific purpose. Do you know what your purpose is? What a tremendous waste it is to float through life with no direction like trash in the ocean never letting the waves of life bring you to the shores of your destiny. There is […]

Global Transformation

Where is the future headed? In the world we live in today information is at the press of a button. At the same time, people are under tremendous pressure at the point to self destruct because of the lack of knowledge. If we look back no more than 30 years ago to gain knowledge or […]

There’s Power in the Part Time!

As I speak with people I notice that one question arises quite often when it comes to living your dreams. Many are locked into a full time job to support the lifestyle they are living now but not doing what they love and have a passion for. Many say if I could just focus full […]

Why is my life boring?

Most people at one time or another come to the fork in the road. For many  this happens more than once and for some quite often. As we look back at the road of life and turn forward the allusive question on the sign post of our journey is What now!   The ultimate challenge […]

Got Personality?